Surly bike stockists

Richmond, SW London
020 8332 0123

Surly stockists Richmond Cycle Centre are based in Richmond-Upon-Thames, SW London. We have Surly bikes available to demo and we can supply any bikes, frames or parts, usually within a few days.
Call us on 020 8332 0123 now!

Surly bikes design and produce durable, versatile bikes, frames, & parts for people who ride a lot. No B.S. Unless you deserve it.

We started selling Surlys because we ride them ourselves and we like them a lot! We know that not everybody is going to get the fact that steel bikes ride a lot nicer than your average aluminium bike because the majority of bikes sold are made of aluminium and that’s the norm. So if you don’t want to follow the norm and once you can get your head around Steel as not being ‘old fashioned’ and having very nice ride qualities and maybe you have a test ride, then maybe just maybe you will get what we are getting at! You’ll then probably fall in love with Surly like we did (don’t worry we won’t tell your partner!) and hey presto you got a bike you just like riding, maybe not just to work and back (which by the way will be a lot more comfy anyway) but a whole lot more often.

Surlys use Steel for a lot of reasons that we won’t go into detail explaining here, but the crux of it is that steel offers a nice balance of design, flexibility, ride quality, cost effectiveness, durability, repairability and environmental sensitivity. Why would you choose anything else?